This site is for anybody who’s interested in authoring Frogans sites.

Frogans is a new technology for creating and browsing Frogans sites on the Internet. There are tons of differences between Frogans sites and Web sites, but some of the most important are that Frogans sites are much smaller, much simpler, much much more secure, mucho mas private, cooler to look at and way more easy to author – once you get the hang of it.

Plus, each Frogans site displays and navigates exactly the same on all supported devices (Windows, Mac, Linux / iOS, Android, Windows Phone /…?). You just author once and it works everywhere.

At this time, there is only an alpha version available for Frogans Player, the end-user software for visiting Frogans sites. It’s aimed at designers and developers who want to try out authoring. A newer, more functional version of Frogans Player is regularly posted at https://get.frogans.

On this site you will find tips, tricks and trys at authoring Frogans sites, including files in the Frogans Slide Authoring Language (FSDL) and other resources for creating and viewing Frogans sites.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, for instance, if you’ve created a Frogans slide or site that you would like to have shown here, drop me an email at contact (at) frogans-lab (dot) com.

Be sure to keep checking back. You never know what you might find.

About me

My name’s Joe Cady. I don’t work for the OP3FT (the non-profit that develops the Frogans technology), but I do work for STG Interactive S.A, which operates the registry of Frogans addresses (Frogans Core Registry). I’m also a graphic designer and a co-founder at Frogans NOW, a Frogans site design and development company. The views expressed here are entirely my own.

You can contact me at here.

Concerning trademarks

The OP3FT is the holder of trademarks related to the Frogans technology, including Frogans, FSDL, FNSL, FPUL, OP3FT, the Asterisk logo and the Two Superimposed Rectangles logo identifying Frogans Player. Anyone intending to use a trademark of the OP3FT must comply with a policy elaborated and adopted by the OP3FT. This policy, referred to as the OP3FT Trademark Usage Policy is published on the official Web site of the Frogans technology (www.frogans.org) at the following permanent URL: https://www.frogans.org/en/resources/otup/access.html.

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