A Frogans site that translates text

An important part of Frogans technology is its compatibility with all server-side scripting languages (JSP, PHP, etc.). The Frogans Slide Description Language (FSDL) is written in XML, allowing for content to be generated on the server side using a language like PHP.

For my most-recent proof-of-concept site I thought I’d try using one of the many APIs out there that allow you to translate text from one language to an other. I settled on the Microsoft Text Translation API which I found on rapidapi.com.

I call it “Froganslator.” Clever, huh? By default it translates “Hello world!” from English to French.

You can enter whatever text you like by clicking on the first line of the text to translate and entering your own text in the pop-up entry field. You can choose the languages to translate “from” and “to” by clicking on the respective language buttons in the middle of the slide (English and French by default).

This allows you to translate any text from and to Arabic, Danish, German, Greek, English, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Thai and Chinese.

You can also inverse your “from” and “to” languages clicking on the center button.

Since you can’t select and copy text from a Frogans site, there’s an email button at the bottom of the slide. Click on that and you can enter your email address and send yourself the translation in an email. (Note: Rest assured that this site keeps no record of your email address, nor of the contents of the email.)

You can check out this site in the Gallery section of frogans*lab under (you guessed it) “Froganslator.”

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