New stuff in the Gallery on frogans*lab

The Gallery on (the Frogans site whose Frogans address is) frogans*lab is for works in progress and experiments in Frogans site authoring. Lately, I’ve added two “sites” to the list.

With the da Vinci Timeline I wanted to create a way to browse chronologically through selected works of an artist (here we got Leonardo da Vinci) across Frogans slides. Normally, you think of a timeline as a large continuous image; perhaps something that you could scroll through.

Here, a featured image is framed between works created before and after it. Clicking on the featured image opens up a Web page describing it in depth. Clicking on any of the other images will bring that image to the center and moving the timeline forward or backward accordingly. For impatient users, clicking on the arrows on the top left or right will move the timeline four images back or forward.

BBC News Feed

BBC News Feed is a nifty RSS reader. The look is inspired by old typewriters (you can see it, right ? chomping on a cheap cigar while furiously typing up page 3?). It lets you zip through literally hundreds of late-breaking headlines in 9 action-packed categories. Plus it gives you a photo and a link to each article. What more could you ask for (besides the clicking sounds to keep the neighbors awake)?

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