Learn Fingerspelling with Frogans

frogans*Fingerspelling is a Frogans site designed to help you learn to understand and use fingerspelling in American Sign Language.

A first slide shows you the signs for spelling a three-letter word. Try to memorize the sign for each letter. Then click on the button on the lower right and…

…a second slide quizzes you to see if your memory is up to the task. If you guess right, it will show you another of the three signs. If you guess wrong, you get another chance.

My, what fun you will have!

I got the idea for this after reading that information overload on the Internet can negatively affect our our ability to remember things. In short, having access to too much information – for instance on a Web page full of columns and animated ads – can inhibit your ability to process and remember what you’re reading.

On the other hand, since information on Frogans sites is shown one slide at a time, you can take it in on a more human scale. In a sense, you have more control over the pace and volume of what you learn.

frogans*Fingerspelling – You never know when it might come in handy (cough cough).

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