Registering a Frogans Address – pt3 – Crediting your FCR account

Before registering a Frogans network name or address you must first credit your FCR account.

Rather than pay the FCR each time that you make a transaction you, the FCRAA, maintain a certain amount of credit in your FCR account. Each time that you register an address, the corresponding fee will be subtracted from that amount.

To credit your FCR account, you first use this same Web page ( to designate the amount that you will send to your account. The FCR then sends you an email with an attached pro forma invoice for that amount, including all the information that you will need for making a wire transfer to the FCR Operator’s bank account. Once the payment is received and processed by the FCR Operator, you’ll receive an email with invoice confirming your payment.

Here’s what this process looks like, step by step:

Step 1

If you have closed the page since opening your account, you will need to go to Step 1 and choose from the pull-down list “ACCOUNT section – Process Related to the Management of an FCR Account.” If the page is still open, go directly to Step 2.

Step 2

In Step 2 (“Choose a process in this section and click Select”), choose “ACCOUNT-CREDIT process – Crediting an FCR Account” and hit “Select.”

Step 3

In Step 3, select “ACCOUNT-CREDIT-ACCADMIN-START action – The FCR Account Administrator Starts Crediting its FCR Account.”

Step 4

Here, you enter your Identifier and Access Key (or they will be already entered if you used the “Hold credentials” feature), as well as the amount of money (in euros only as of this writing) that you wish to credit to your account. The minimum amount is 60€.

Step 5

Step 5 sends this information to the FCR Operator.

Step 6

This step is simply the confirmation, or not, that the action has been executed with success and that the “process to credit the FCR account is running.”

This means that the FCR Operator is now waiting to receive from a bank transfer of the amount that you entered in Step 4.

You will have received an email with an attached pro forma invoice for that amount

Making the payment

The pro forma invoice contains the information that you will need for making you payment, namely:

  • The amount to credited to your account, plus any applicable taxes,

  • the bank account number of STG Interactive (the FCR Operator) and

  • a payment reference number which will have to be specified when you make the transfer.

You will have 21 days to make the transfer for you FCR account to be credited. Once the transfer is made, the FCR Operator will send you a final invoice and you will be able to start registering Frogans network names and Frogans addresses.

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