Registering a Frogans address – pt 6 – Going Live

Say you have registered a Frogans address “frogans*Biscuits-n-Gravy” and you want to put it to use. If you have a Frogans site designed, even if it is just one slide, you can now put it online and set your Frogans address settings to open that site in Frogans Player. Here’s how…

Uploading your site

The first thing you might want to do is to upload your Frogans site to a hosting server.

Entering Frogans address settings for getting your site online

As an FCR account administrator go to the FCR API Web interface at

Step 1

From the pull-down list in Step 1, choose “PFNA section – Process Related to the Registration of a Frogans Address of a Public Frogans Network” and hit “Select.”

Step 2

The process that you want to choose is “PFNA-SETTINGSCHANGE process – Changing the Settings of a Frogans Address of a Public Frogans Network” and hit “Select.”

Step 3

Select “PFNFA-SETTINGSCHANGE-ACCADMIN-PERFORM action – The FCR Account Administrator Performs the Change of Settings of a Frogans Address of a Public Frogans Network” and hit “Select.”

Step 4

  1. Enter your Access Key and Identifier if they have not already been filled in using the “Hold credentials” window.

  2. Select your Linguistic Category. For instance, if your Frogans address starts with “frogans*,” then your Linguistic Category is LC-LATIN.

  3. Enter your “Preferred Form of the Site Name.” For instance, if your full address is “frogans*Biscuits-n-Gravy,” enter “ Biscuits-n-Gravy.”

  4. Intended Audience – Choose the “Age Category” that you feel would be appropriate for the content of your site. As for the “Location,” in most cases, “All” should be a fine choice.

  5. Choose “Allow” for your Indexing Authorization to help assure the widest audience exposure for your site.

  6. Choose “Online” in the Online field.

  7. Frogans Site Root Directory – This is where you provide the magic information for delivering your Frogans site to users who enter your Frogans address in Frogans Player.

    1. Primary USCR Path – here’s what I have entered for “frogans*lab.” Replace my <domain-name> and <directory> information with your own (be careful where you put the slashes “/”):
      <ucsr-path network='IP_DNS_TCP_HTTP'>
    2. Secondary and Tertiary USCR Paths are optional, so you can ignore them.

  8. Specification Version of FSDL Documents – The current version of FSDL is 3.0.

    1. Major – Just enter “3”

    2. Minor – Enter “0”

  9. Character encoding of FSDL Documents – In all likelihood, it is UTF-8.

  10. Home Slide File – Be sure to write a slash (/) before the file name, for instance “/home.php”.

  11. Hosting Provider Contact Information, which is pretty self-explanatory.

  12. FNS Record Time-To-Live -Enter the number of minutes for the length of time before which Frogans Player must again interrogate the FCR to look up this Frogans address. For example, a value of “720” represents a 12-hour period.

Hit “Send query,” then “Confirm.”

If you query has failed, you will be invited to modify or clear your query (the information provided in Step 4). Click “Modify query” to fix your errors in Step 4 without erasing the entirety of your hard work.

If everything is correctly entered, your Frogans site is now online for all the world to see!

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