Registering a Frogans Address – pt 2 – Becoming a FCR Account Administrator

Becoming an FCRAA requires that you open an account with the FCR. This is done online in the “HTML Interface of the FCR API – for FCR account administrators” at

A single Web page provides step-by-step processes for various different interactions with the FCR, including the creation and management of an FCR account as well as the registration of Frogans networks and addresses.

Opening an FCR account on the FCR API Web page

Step 1

When you first open the page you’ll see a drop-down selection list entitled “Step 1 of 6 : Choose a section of the FCR API and click Select”. Choose “ACCOUNT section – Processes Related to the Management of an FCR Account” from the list and click “Select.”

Step 2

When you hit “Select” you’ll see that new content is fed into the page below. The next drop-down selection list is entitled “Step 2 of 6 : Choose a process in this section and click Select”. Choose “ACCOUNT-OPEN process – Opening an FCR Account” and click you-know-where.

Step 3

Here, you’ll want to select “ACCOUNT-OPEN-ACCADMIN-START action – The FCR Account Administrator Starts Opening its FCR Account”.

Step 4

Provide the necessary information pertaining to your account, including whether you are an individual or an organization and your contact information.

Step 5

Send this information in a query to the FCR Operator, provided that there are no errors in your input (it must have taken me 3 tries).

Step 6

Here, you are presented with your new FCR Account Administrator Credentials, including your Identifier and your Access Key – kind of like your user name and password. Be sure to copy and paste these somewhere safe!

Hint: In the upper right hand corner of the page is link called “Hold credentials.” It gives you a window where you can paste your Identifier and Access Key and it will automatically feed this information in the main page, whenever it is needed.

At the same time, the FCR Operator will send you a confirmation email containing a token which you will then use on the same Web page for confirming the opening of your account.

Confirming the opening of your FCR account

Now, scroll back up the same page to step 3 (“Choose an action in this process and click Select”) and change the item in the pull-down list to “ACCOUNT-OPEN-ACCADMIN-CONFIRM action – The FCR Account Administrator Confirms Opening its FCR Account” and hit “Select”.

A new Step 4 appears below.

In this step, you will enter your new Identifier and Access Key, plus the token that you will have received by email.

In Step 5 you send this query.

Step 6

Here, you are told if your query was successful. If so, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a bona fide FCR Account Administrator. You can now register Frogans addresses and network names, provided that you have a sufficient level of credit in your account.

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