Registering a Frogans Address – pt 1 – Juggling your options

So you wanna get a Frogans address

To publish your Frogans site on the Internet, you’ll need to give it a Frogans address. Similar to a what a domain name is for a Web site, a Frogans address allows anybody to visit your site on the Internet.

Every Frogans site published on the Internet has a Frogans address assigned to it. You, as a publisher, can register a Frogans address in much the same way as you would a domain name.

There are two roads you can take toward registering a Frogans address. You can either do this as an “FCR Account Administrator (FCRAA)” – the FCR is the Frogans Core Registry, the single registry of all Frogans addresses on the Internet – OR you can do this through the services of an existing commercial FCRAA.

You can find a list of current FCRAAs here: Only a few of them indicate online that they offer Frogans address registration services to third parties such as yourself, notably:

At the time of this writing, there are not yet any services for registering Frogans addresses directly from a Web page, but you can get in touch with a representative of the company. Frogans Addresses For All provides a working interfaces for checking Frogans address availability.

You should expect that a commercial FCRAA will charge a markup fee per address, making this kind of registration a more expensive solution. On the other hand, if you want to do it yourself as an FCRAA you’ll have to maintain a sum of credit with the FCR, the minimum of which is 60€.

Financial aspects aside, the processes of registering and managing Frogans addresses yourself as an FCRAA is a mult-step and somewhat tedious exercise that you might prefer to leave to someone else. But if you really want to take the bull by the horns, the following posts will take you through the essential steps:

Registering a Frogans Address – pt 2 – Becoming a FCR Account Administrator

Registering a Frogans Address – pt3 – Crediting your FCR account

Registering a Frogans Address – pt 4 – Register a Frogans network

Registering a Frogans Address – pt 5 – …In a Public Frogans Network

Registering a Frogans address – pt 6 – Going Live!

Update 10 July 2017 – GoFrogans has been added to the list of commercial FCR Account Administrators.

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