An FSDL Font Guide

The list of fonts that you can use in FSDL is long, but which ones should you use?

FSDL fonts

Frogans Player comes with a set of dedicated fonts that can be used in Frogans sites. These are the only fonts that are supported in FSDL. That means that you can only use these fonts, and no others, for creating text in FSDL (you can always import image files of text using any font at your disposition).

By including a fixed selection of fonts in Frogans Player, Frogans site authors and users are assured that typographic elements will be rendered exactly as they were authored, regardless of the type of end-user device or its configuration. The fonts used for Mac users are the same as those for Windows and Linux users as well as those for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. The rendering of these fonts is also identical for all of these platforms.

How FSDL fonts have been chosen

The FSDL fonts have been selected with the goal of accommodating the greatest number of users worldwide. So, more attention has been put on providing fonts for supporting a great diversity of scripts (e.g., Arabic, Latin, Devanagari, Han, etc.) than on having a great diversity of type styles (e.g., Times, Zapfino, Impact, Lithos, etc.). So, as of this writing, FSDL supports over 90 distinct physical fonts (“pfonts”) included in Frogans Player for developers alpha1.3.1, covering 27 different international scripts and enabling Frogans site authors to create text in the vast majority of the world’s languages.

Choosing fonts for your Frogans site

When looking at which fonts you want to use for your Frogans site, you might want to first narrow down your choice by looking only at the fonts that are targeted to your language script. Then you can look at each font for its visual style.

Below, is a list of all of the FSDL fonts, including the “pfont” attribute values (for identifying the font in FSDL) scripts that each supports, plus sample images. Script percentage values indicate the percentage of “exemplary” characters covered in the script, according to the Unicode Consortium’s Common Locale Data Repository.

Font name: Abyssinica SIL – Regular
pfont: 101-1-serif-r
Scripts: Ethiopic 100%, Latin 28%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Amiri Quaran – Regular
pfont: 102-1-serif-r
Scripts: Arabic 56%
Localization tags: arab.SND arab.URD

Font name: Amiri – Bold, Bold Slanted, Regular, Slanted
pfont: 102-2-serif-b, 102-3-serif-bi, 102-4-serif-r, 102-5-serif-i
Scripts: Latin 60%, Arabic 100%
Localization tags: arab arab.ARA arab.SND arab.URD latn.TRK

Font name: AnjaliOldLipi, Regular
pfont: 103-1-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 11%, Malayalam 91%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Annapurna SIL – Bold, Regular
pfont: 104-1-serif-b, 104-2-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 34%, Devanagari 100%
Localization tags: dev2.NEP dev2.NEW

Font name: AR PL Ukai – CN Regular, HK Regular, TW MBE Regular, TW Regular
pfont: 105-1-serif-r, 105-2-serif-r, 105-3-serif-r, 105-4-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 91%, Simplified Chinese 100%, Traditional Chinese 100%, Japanese Hiragana 100%, Japanese Katakana 100%, Cyrllic 49%, Greek 36%,
Localization tags: –

Font name: Caslon – Roman
pfont: 106-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 99%, Cyrllic 100%, Thai 100%, Greek 100%, Armenian 97%, Cherokee 100%
Localization tags: –
caslonromanlatincaslonromancyrilliccaslonromanthaicaslonromangreekcaslonromanarmenian caslonromancherokee

Font name: Caudex – Regular
pfont: 107-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 97%, Greek 100%,
Localization tags: –

Font name: Comic Relief – Regular
pfont: 108-1-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 56%, Cyrillic 70%,
Localization tags: latn.LTH latn.ROM

Font name: Consola Mono – Book, Bold
pfont: 109-1-mono-r, 109-2-mono-r
Scripts: Latin 99%, Cyrillic 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Courier Prime – Regular, Bold
pfont: 110-1-mono-r, 110-2-mono-b
Scripts: Latin 55%,
Localization tags: –

Font name: Cousine – Regular, Bold
pfont: 111-1-sans-r, 111-2-sans-b
Scripts: Latin 100%, Cyrillic 100%, Hebrew 100%
Localization tags: –

cousine-regular-latincousine-regular-cyrillic cousine-regular_hebrew

Font name: DejaVu Sans Mono – Book, Bold
pfont: 112-1-mono-r, 112-13-mono-b
Scripts: Latin 89%, Arabic 60%, Cyrillic 94%, Georgian 53%, Lao 70%,
Localization tags: cyrl.SRB latn.ISM latn.KSM latn.LSM latn.NSM latn.SKS latn.SSM

dejavusansmono-latindejavusansmono-arabicdejavusansmono_cyrillic dejavusansmono_georgian dejavusansmono_lao

Font name: DejaVu Sans – Book, Bold, Condensed
pfont: 112-2-sans-r, 112-14-sans-b, 112-3-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 100%, Arabic 83%, Cyrillic 100%, Hebrew 97%, Greek 100%, Armenian 100%, Georgian 100%, Lao 100%, Tifinagh 100%, Canadian Aboriginal (coverage untested), Ogham (coverage untested), Braille (coverage untested), N’Ko (coverage untested)
Localization tags: cyrl.MKD cyrl.SRB latn.ISM latn.KSM latn.LSM latn.NSM latn.SKS latn.SSM
dejavusans_latindejavusans_arabic dejavusans_cyrillicdejavusans_hebrewdejavusans_greekdejavusans_armenian dejavusans_georgian dejavusans_lao dejavusans_tifinagh


Font name: DejaVu Sans – Extra Light
pfont: 112-4-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 99%, Cyrillic 83%, Greek 100%, Armenian 100%, Georgian 53%, Ogham (coverage untested)
Localization tags: cyrl  grek  latn.CAT latn.ESP latn.GAL latn.ISM  latn.KSM  latn.LSM latn.MOL latn.NSM latn.ROM  latn.SKS  latn.SSM
dejavusans-extralight_latindejavusans-extralight_cyrillicdejavusans-extralight_greekdejavusans-extralight_armenian dejavusans-extralight_georgian

Font name: DejaVu Serif – Bold, Book, Condensed, Condensed Bold
pfont: 112-5-serif-b, 112-8-serif-r, 112-9-serif-r, 112-10-serif-b
Scripts: Latin 100%, Cyrillic 95%, Greek 100%, Armenian 100%, Georgian 100%, Canadian Aboriginal (coverage untested), Ogham (coverage untested), Braille (coverage untested), N’Ko (coverage untested)
Localization tags: cyrl.MKD cyrl.SRB latn.ISM latn.KSM latn.LSM latn.NSM latn.SKS latn.SSM

Font name: DejaVu Serif – Bold Italic, Italic, Condensed Bold Italic, Condensed Italic
pfont: 112-6-serif-bi, 112-7-serif-i, 112-11-serif-bi, 112-12-serif-i
Scripts: Latin 100%, Cyrillic 95%, Greek 100%, Armenian 100%, Georgian 100%, Braille ((coverage untested)
Localization tags: cyrl.MKD cyrl.SRB latn.ISM latn.KSM latn.LSM latn.NSM latn.SKS latn.SSM
dejavuserif-italic_latindejavuserif-italic_cyrillicdejavuserif-italic_greekdejavuserif-italic_armenian dejavuserif-italic_georgian


Font name: EB Garamond – 08 Italic, 08 Regular
pfont: 113-1-serif-i, 113-2-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 89% (Italic) 90% (Regular), Cyrillic 14% (Italic) 82% (Regular), Greek 100%
Localization tags: latn.AZE latn.CAT latn.CRT latn.DEU latn.LAT latn.TRK (Italic); cyrl.MKD cyrl.SRB latn.ISM latn.KSM latn.LSM latn.NSM latn.SKS latn.SSM (Regular)
ebgaramond08-regular_latinebgaramond08-italic_latin ebgaramond08-regular_cyrillic ebgaramond08-regular_greek

Font name: Ekushey Lohit – Normal
pfont: 114-1-sans-r
Scripts: Bengali 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Ethiopic Fantuwua – Regular
pfont: 115-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 27%, Ethiopic 74%
Localization tags: –


Font name: Ethiopic Wookianos – Regular
pfont: 116-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 27%, Ethiopic 74%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Ethiopic Yigezu Bisrat Gothic – Regular
pfont: 117-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 27%, Ethiopic 74%
Localization tags: –

Font name: HanaMinA – Regular
pfont: 118-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 93% Simplified Chinese 100%, Traditional Chinese 100%, Japanese Hiragana 100%, Japanese Katakana 100%, Cyrillic 53%, Cherokee 25%
Localization tags: –
hanamina_latinhanamina_traditional_han hanamina_simplified_han hanamina_cyrillic hanamina_cherokee

Font name: Jomolhari – Regular
pfont: 119-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 36%,  Tibetan 97%
Localization tags: –


Font name: Kalpurush – Regular
pfont: 120-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 11%,  Bengali 100%
Localization tags: beng bng2

Font name: Lohit Devanagari – Regular
pfont: 121-1-sans-r
Scripts: Devanagari 100%
Localization tags: dev2.MAR dev2.NEP deva.MAR deva.NEP

Font name: Noto Kufi Arabic – Bold, Regular
pfont: 122-1-sans-b, 122-1-sans-r
Scripts: Arabic 100%
Localization tags:  arab.URD

Font name: Noto Naskh Arabic – Bold, Regular
pfont: 122-3-sans-b, 122-3-sans-r
Scripts: Arabic 100%
Localization tags: arab.FAR arab.SND arab.URD latn

Font name: Noto Nastaliq –  Regular
pfont: 122-5-serif-r
Scripts: Arabic 87%
Localization tags: –


Font name: Noto Sans CJK JP –  Regular, Noto Sans CJK KR –  Regular, Noto Sans CJK SC –  Regular, Noto Sans CJK TC –  Regular, Noto Sans CJK JP –  Bold, Noto Sans CJK KR –  Bold, Noto Sans CJK SC –  Bold, Noto Sans CJK TC –  Bold
pfont: 122-6-sans-r, 122-7-sans-r, 122-8-sans-r, 122-9-sans-r, 122-29-sans-b, 122-30-sans-b, 122-31-sans-b, 122-32-sans-b
Scripts: Latin 55%, Simplified Chinese 100%, Traditional Chinese 100%, Japanese Hiragana 100%, Japanese Katakana 100%, Korean 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Hebrew –  Regular, Bold
pfont: 122-10-sans-r, 122-33-sans-b
Scripts: Hebrew 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Kannada –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-11-sans-b, 122-12-sans-r
Scripts: Kannada 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Malayalam –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-13-sans-b, 122-14-sans-r
Scripts: Malayalam 100%
Localization tags: –


Font name: Noto Sans Myanmar –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-15-sans-b, 122-16-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 12%, Mayanmar 100%
Localization tags: mym2.KSW mym2.MON

Font name: Noto Sans Oriya –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-17-sans-b, 122-18-sans-r
Scripts: Oriya 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Tamil UI –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-19-sans-b, 122-20-sans-r
Scripts: Tamil 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Telugu –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-21-sans-b, 122-22-sans-r
Scripts: Telugu 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans Thai –  Bold,  Regular
pfont: 122-23-sans-b, 122-24-sans-r
Scripts: Thai 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Noto Sans –  Bold [Khmer],  Regular [Khmer]
pfont: 122-25-sans-b, 122-26-sans-r
Scripts: Khmer 100%
Localization tags: –


Font name: Padauk – Bold, Regular
pfont: 123-1-sans-b, 123-2-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 11%, Mayanmar 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: Rupali – Regular
pfont: 124-1-sans-r
Scripts: Bengali 100%
Localization tags: –

Font name: SeoulHangang – B, M
pfont: 125-1-serif-b, 125-2-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 18%, Simplified Chinese 61%, Traditional Chinese 89%, Japanese Hiragana 97%, Japanese Katakana 97%, Korean 99%, Cyrillic 49%
Localization tags: –

seoulhangangm_latinseoulhangangm_simplified_hanseoulhangangm_traditional_han seoulhangangm_hiragana seoulhangangm_hangul seoulhangangm_cyrillic

Font name: SolaimanLipi – Normal
pfont: 126-1-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 53%, Bengali 98%
Localization tags: –
solaimanlipi_latin solaimanlipi_bengali

Font name: TharLon – Regular
pfont: 127-1-sans-r
Scripts: Latin 16%, Mayanmar 100%
Localization tags: –
tharlon-regular_myanmar tharlon-regular_latin

Font name: Tinos – Bold, Bold Italic, Italic, Regular
pfont: 128-1-serif-b, 128-2-serif-bi, 128-3-serif-i, 128-4-serif-r
Scripts: Latin 100%, Cyrillic 100%, Hebrew 100%
Localization tags: –
tinos-regular_latin tinos-italic_latintinos-regular_cyrillictinos-italic_cyrillictinos-regular_hebrew tinos-italic_hebrew

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