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Every now and again – or three times per year – the OP3FT holds a Frogans Technology Conference. Since this year these conferences have included “The Frogans Awards” which highlight the finest Frogans sites and site concepts ever produced in our small-but-growing community.

The first edition of the Frogans Awards took place at the Frogans Technology Conference 6 (FTC6) last February, while the second took place at the Frogans Technology Conference 7 (FTC7) in June.

You can check out the finalist and winning sites for the first edition of the Frogans Awards here and those for the second edition of the Frogans Awards here.

You might notice that on the page for the second edition of the Awards, a Frogans address is shown each Frogans site. In the time period between FTC6 and FTC7 the resolution of Frogans addresses over the Internet via Frogans Player for Developers alpha software became possible.

In a nutshell, this means that you can actually navigate any and all of the Frogans sites shown on the Frogans Awards II page, just by entering their Frogans addresses in the latest version of Frogans Player. For example:

  • frogans*open – An online commerce concept site by Team Open DevGang, Ivory Coast;open-1
  • frogans*chart – A demonstration of data visualization using FSDL’s vector drawing capabilities (with the <respath> element) by Jean-Baptiste Tessier, France (attn: to advance beyond the first slide, simply wait 3o seconds);chart-6
  • frogans*e-tralai – An online shopping demo for traditional Ivory Coast accessories by Jean-Marc Ehouman; e-tralai-25
  • frogans*storivoire – More online commerce from the Ivory Coast by Montresor Konanstorivoire-43
  • frogans*frogfoot – A concept site for staying on top of the action during the 2016 Euro Cup championship by Jean-Marc Ehouman, Ivory Coast;frogfoot-1
  • frogans*peluche – A concept site for dressing your stuffed bunny and teddy bear by Myriam Ouaret and Alexandre Pagnat, France;peluche-2
  • frogans*flysky360, frogans*SkydiveTour, frogans*winefair2016, frogans*lacreme – 4 gorgeous out-of-competion sitesĀ  by Thomas Durantel design, France;flysky360-2skydivetour-1winefair2016-2lacreme-1
  • frogans*HelloWorld-Entry – An out-competition site demonstrating the use of user entry forms in Frogans sites by the OP3FT, France.helloworld-entry-3

To find out more about any or all of these is to open your Frogans Player for Developers alpha software, right-click (or ctrl-click for one-mouse-button Mac users) , select “Open a Frogans site…”, enter the corresponding Frogans address and hit OK. The rest is pure experience…

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