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Frogans Directory

The latest version of the Frogans Player for Developers (alpha1.0.2 and later) you can visit any Frogans site online that has a Frogans address.

Up until now, you had to edit a “configuration-for-testing.xml” file for each Frogans site that you wanted to view. Now, you can simply enter a Frogans address (like “frogans*lab”) to view a site.

By the same token, if your Frogans site is hosted on an Web server, you can simply register a Frogans address and configure it so that anybody in the world running Frogans Player can immediately access your site.

So which Frogans addresses (other than “frogans*lab”) will take you to live Frogans sites? One place to find out (and maybe the only one at this time) is Frogans Directory. It lists not only live Frogans sites, but also Web sites that discuss Frogans technology.

Given the ever-evolving pre-release state of the technology, the Frogans sites listed in the Directory are largely demos and prototypes. It will be interesting to see how these sites evolve, and what new sites will be added, as Frogans moves forward.

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