Spec change: Update your FSDL documents!

An important change is coming to the FSDL specifications. If you have already created FSDL documents to Frogans slides for the Frogans Player alpha (v.0.1.8 and earlier), you’ll need to make a few changes for them to display correctly in the new version.

New “align” values

The possible values for the “align” attribute in the <merge> and <layer> elements will now better reflect ordering of xy coordinates. Here’s a table of the old “align” values and the new ones that you will have to use for the next version of Frogans Player, as well as for the next fifty thousand versions hereafter:

Old values Frogans Player versions 0.1.8 and below

New values Frogans Player versions 0.2.1 and above



















These are exceptional changes. The OP3FT tells me that a retroactive change like this will not be standard practice, particularly Frogans Player goes from alpha to beta. So we can have confidence that the code we write today will continue be valid.

New <respath> attributes

The <respath> element is now enhanced in order to let the developer select the apparent area of the plane containing the simple and composite Bezier curves. The “crop” and “corners” attributes have been added to let the author select the visible region, the “alternate” attribute was replaced by the “fill” attribute, and the rules applying to the text characters have been updated.

What to do

For my part, I’m doing to do Find & Replace on all of the tutorials and documents posted on this blog, and I recommend everyone doing the same with their Frogans sites. Click here to get the latest version of the Frogans Player for developers alpha.

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