Frogans Of All Shapes

January 28, 2020 joecady 0

There is a site-let in frogans*lab that shows you how content can change the shape of a Frogans site. It’s called “Things That Morph” and […]

Ask Frogans

January 20, 2020 joecady 0

“Ask ALICE” is a new site-let on frogans*lab (you know, the celebrated companion Frogans site for this illustrious blog). “ALICE” is in reference to the […]

Getting News on Frogans

November 26, 2019 joecady 0

Great news, a news Frogans site. Here’s a Frogans site designed to give you access to the latest news from the BBC in seven categories […]

Pizza My Frogans

April 1, 2019 joecady 0

A new medium for fine dining. A new demo Frogans site is online at frogans*PapAnchovis. It is meant to answer that gnawing question: Can I […]